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Peter: The Untold True Story ❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Peter: The Untold True Story Author Christopher Daniel Mechling – Chris Mechling's new historical novel, Peter, introduces readers to the amazing true story behind the fairy tale of Peter Pan The book tells the adventures of the real boy who came to London and becam Chris Mechling's new historical novel, Peter, introduces readers Untold True Epub á to the amazing true story behind the fairy tale of Peter Pan The book tells the adventures of the real boy who came to London and became a wellknown figure than a hundred years before James Barrie penned his classic Peter the Wild Boy lived in eighteenth century England, through the reigns of three kings all named George, and achieved legendary status in Peter: The PDF or his own lifetime He was not only a popular figure, but also drew intense philosophical and scientific study, and was a subject of interest to literary figures such as Daniel Defoe and Jonathan Swift Peter retained a youthful appearance throughout his life, and had a joyful, intuitive spirit that was both challenging and infectious This imaginative dramatization of the life of Peter the Wild Boy captures the joy, innocence and fire of The Untold True Kindle Ø a bright, feral child living in the midst of the Age of Enlightenment It is narrated by the girl who perhaps knew him best The epic story of his life, spanning approximately seventy years, navigates a tumultuous and thoughtful period in English history, rich with characters Peter is a magical, poignant tale full of humor, love, and courage in the face of life's difficulties It will make you laugh, cry, dream and remember what it means to be young.

    Peter: The Untold True Story PDF ✓ The Untold True remember what it means to be young."/>
  • Hardcover
  • 220 pages
  • Peter: The Untold True Story
  • Christopher Daniel Mechling
  • English
  • 22 March 2018
  • 9780989127011

About the Author: Christopher Daniel Mechling

Peter: The Untold True Story being the first Untold True Epub á to be released His passions, besides writing, include teaching, painting, and martial arts practice.

10 thoughts on “Peter: The Untold True Story

  1. Hazel West Hazel West says:

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not in any way obligated to write a positive review.

    Thoughts on the Overall Book: I always like to read origin stories or such like, especially for characters in famous books or ones about the people they were based off of. I didn't know a lot about the origin of Peter Pan before I read this book, so it was an interesting read for me.

    Cover--Yea or Nay: To be honest, this cover would not make me pick up the book. If I didn't have prior knowledge of what this book was about I would easily pass over it.

    Characters: Since the characters are all real people (at least I assume that is the case, there wasn't as much author note as I would have liked in this book) I didn't form the same opinions about them as I would fictional characters. Peter was an enjoyable character to read about and I like to see his exploits and such. I liked how it was narrated first by Margaret, the girl responsible for finding Peter the 'Wild Boy originally, and then Caroline, the royal princess who comes to know Peter when he stays at the palace and becomes very good friends with him, writing about his exploits both fictional and truthful. I can't say much to the portrayal of the historical characters in this story as the only ones I really had any prior knowledge to enough to say anything about were the King Georges and Prince William Duke of Cumberland who I have always known as the Butcher Cumberland in popular history.

    The Romance: There's not really any romance, in this. Since it's written like a biography, It's not really relevant in the way I usually mark romance in books, but there's a little bit between the doctor who is Margaret's father, and Peter's caretaker, Rose. There's hinted little things between Peter and Caroline, but nothing that ever comes to anything.

    Writing Style: This is a book that reads like a narrative biography. Not really like an actual novel, but not really like a biography either. Overall, I rather liked the tone of it; it worked good for the story it was telling, being written like one recounting a story at a later date which is pretty much what this is.

    Accuracy/ Believability: Since I know very little about the events this story talks about, if at all, I can't say whether they were true to life or not, however, one thing that bothered me while reading was that I had to keep reminding myself what time period this was. I don't know what it was, but this book didn't feel like it was set in the early 1700s, it felt more like the 1800s or Victorian era to me. I don't know if it was the dialogue or the actions of some characters, but it was hard for me to picture the period in which this was set.

    Problems/What bothered me: Apart from that mentioned above, the main this that bothered me about this book is that I wished there was more of an author's note. I was confused with whether this story was written from Caroline's actual journal or not. The author mentions it in the introduction, and there's another mention of it on the title page, so I don't know if I just missed something but I was a bit confused on that subject. Either way, I would have liked to know what changes the author made or such things as that.

    Conclusion: 3 stars. It's an enjoyable story and an easy read, and I liked having the opportunity to read it.

    Recommended Audience: Ages 13 and up, I would recommend it to Peter Pan fans so that you can learn a little more about the real boy who inspired the story.

  2. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Peter tells the strange and mysterious story of a wild boy discovered in England over a century ago, and how this feral child influenced the world. Detailed and factual, yet still carrying a spark of magic and myth, this book is one that any historian or fantasy lover would never forget.

  3. Mallory Ann Mallory Ann says:

    I received this book free on Amazon.

    Everyone knows the tale of Peter Pan, but this is the story of Peter, the real boy who never grew up. It is the tale of a young boy found in the Hamelin forest, and the adventures he had once he was brought back to civilization and the court of England. Peter: The Untold True Story is such a wonderful and magical book. You grow attached to Peter and the other characters. It made me smile, laugh, and cry. I think the author did an amazing job writing this. Each chapter was detailed and very well written.

    This was an enjoyable read and couldn't be read at a more perfect time for me. Reading this made me feel like a kid again. Don't we all just want to be a little bit like Peter? Don't we all want to be forever young?

    This book is perfect for all ages and I highly recommend it.

  4. Crissi Crissi says:

    This story was so well written, it was as if it were one of the classics. I loved how it was its own story, wrapped around true events as well as hints of Neverland-like magic. Every time I sat down with this book, I felt like I was being wrapped up in it like a blanket. Toward the end, the author did a good job of portraying the emotion behind saying goodbye to childhood. I may have lost a few tears in those final chapters.

    It's hard to say which parts are real, and which parts are made up. In the beginning, I wondered this a lot. By the end, it no longer mattered. This was an amazing story, full of love, innocence, and magic. It transported me from my world to Peter's world. The story is what it's supposed to be. Well done, Christopher Mechling.

  5. Dana Dana says:

    I won an advanced copy of Peter in December and finally got around to reading it. I really liked this rendition or retelling of Peter Pan. I have always loved the story of Peter as it made me realize how wondeful it is to be a kid in a big world full of hard questions and hard decisions. I really liked how the author slowly starting piecing the story of Peter Pan that we all know together, with the feather in his hat and the defeated pirate. I love retellings of my favourite stories so this was a great treat for me. Great book Christopher. Thanks for giving me the chance to read it.

  6. Natalie Natalie says:

    This book was very uplifting and definitely a feel-good read. It seemed to be lacking a little bit in plot at times, and I would probably recommend it mostly to children or teens. However, I definitely enjoyed reading it. Although I disagreed with some of the philosophical discussions, I did think they added to the book and I enjoyed reading them. It was especially enjoyable to read the references to actual authors. I would have enjoyed more history in the book and less fairies, but overall it was a good read!

    I received a free advance copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!

  7. Linda Todd Linda Todd says:

    Wow a fabulous story I enjoyed every page of this book. Wonderful adventure you can't help go along for the ride with Peter and friends. The enjoyment I felt when things went well for Peter and the sadness when they went wrong. My thanks to the author Christopher Mechling also my thanks for the privilege and pleasure of reading this wonderful story I would love to read more in the future so yes I would recommend this book to my friends happily so to all happy reading with love from wee me. xxxx

  8. Leonard Leonard says:

    Very relaxing read! You become attached to peter throughout the book,emotionally and compassionately and his moods and actions are very infectious, in the story and to the reader! You become so enthralled in trying to find out the secrets of this boys life and his upbringing that before you know it, you have finished the book. To me that's what makes this story the magic of the mystery!

  9. Victoria Victoria says:

    This book was just what I needed.
    First of all I must say I loved the foreword. It is a must-read to all aspiring writers.
    Peter: The Untold True Story is a magical,kind and innocent type of story. It made me smile till the end. It gave me adventure,magic,a whole new world and interesting characters that made this ride a good one.

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    I loved this book. I won this as a giveaway. I could not put this book down because I wanted to learn more about Peter and the inspiration for Peter Pan a century later.

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