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Be That Girl. ❰Epub❯ ➝ Be That Girl. Author Tina O'Connor – If you want out of your life the stunningly simple Be That Girl™ system will ignite your inner passion and help you embrace a relaxed lifestyle Be That Girl™ will give you the freedom to be do and If you want out of your life the stunningly simple Be That Girl™ system will ignite your inner passion and help you embrace a relaxed lifestyle Be That Girl™ will give you the freedom to be do and have anything your heart desires Go aheadtake the plunge today You ARE ready to Be That Girl™ Be ready to Be That PDF/EPUB or · Get your house organized · Feel calm relaxed and free · Add time and fun to your life · Feel energized healthy and vibrant · Be successful in every area of your life · Live the life of your dreams today · Learn simple techniues to bring out the best in YOU · Feel sexy confident charismatic and powerful · Manifest the woman you've always wanted to be NOWNow is the time for you.

10 thoughts on “Be That Girl.

  1. Julie Cumming Julie Cumming says:

    I am an avid reader and have read many self help type books but Be That Girl is by far one of favourites What an inspiring book for girls of any age This book was an easy and fun readfilled with inspiring and inspirational tips I loved the photos and after seeing those and reading the chapters I wanted to put it down and start cleaning out my cupboards and start organizing my purse This book made me realize that I can Be That Girl if I put my mind to it This past Christmas all of the important ladies in my life got a copy of Be That Girl Thanks Tina

  2. Dan Szgatti Dan Szgatti says:

    This book changed my life I can really relate to Tina and I am inspired to be great Thanks Tina I can't wait for your next book

  3. Mashael Alomari Mashael Alomari says:

    one if the most amazing inspiring books ♥

  4. Natalie Ira-gould Natalie Ira-gould says:

    I really enjoyed this book There's so many different self help books that try and tell you you can have it all but Be That Girl really gets to the nitty gritty self reflecting process of actually DOING IT There are so many facets in our lives and this book really helps guide you to figure out what it is you want in life and how to get thereWith great humour and insight into today's world Be That Girl is a great read for anyone looking at trying to make changes in their life and just need a little push and guidance You can always come back to this book and pick up new tipsI know I'm going to read it again before I do my annual review this year Just to give myself some new tips for my planning of next yearThanks Tina for a truly inspiring book

  5. Cindy Weninger Cindy Weninger says:

    Such a great book I was so motivated and inspired while I was reading this book It made me laugh and it made me want to be the best ME that I can be I found it to be touching and funny but at the same time I was reminded of all the simple steps I can take to be happier healthier and organized There are some fun and interactive activities and worksheets you can use which I thought was brilliantThis book is ideal for a GIRL of any age or lifestyle; It makes a great read and it would make a great gift

  6. Janet Legere Janet Legere says:

    For me Be That Girl really hit home with simple ideas to change many things in my surroundings My favourite chapters were Plan It Do It and the Chapter of Feng Shui I've applied many of the strategies Tina shared in her book and it's had a positive affect on my entire life Thanks for such a great read with such great lessons BE THAT GIRL is a must have Janet Legere Calgary

  7. Sally Walton Sally Walton says:

    Fantastic Self Help book I can still hear Tina's words in my head almost everyday Her writing is down to earth she provides specific steps that have given me measurable results and she inspires me to live a fulfilling happier and better organized life I am now closer to being that girl

  8. Tina O& Tina O& says:

    I think it is kind of funny to review your own book but also an interesting task Everytime I start reading Be That Girl I find I cannot stopit is inspiring funny motivating and a great teaching guide You will learn at least one thing I wrote Be That Girl as an instructional guide to help other people create change in their lives When you become the teacher you learn these things at a deeper level This has certainly been true for me with this project While in the process of writing this book I went from crazy stressed out mom of 3 running a chain of liuor stores to stay at home happy mom with a book business hobby and 3 happy children I am living Be That Girl every day and I believe I am proving that the strategies in Be That Girl really work This is a practical book that will have you organizing your way to a successful life Top 5 things I took from Be That Girl1 Figure out what you want without restrictions You can have anything BELIEVE that you can and will get what you want2 Organization is the key3 Ask for help to get what you want4 Be prepared to put the effort in to get it5 Be thankful for everything along the way and always give backIf you don't like what you got why don't you change it? TrooperYou have ALL the power within you to get happier richer relaxed healthier whatever you want Just Be That Girl NOW

  9. Niki Niki says:

    I see lots of rave reviews for this one and it was recommended by a good friend but half way through I've got to declare DNF and let it go O'Connor waffles between advice that seems SOOOO common sensical that I can't imagine it is helpful to anyone and offering advice that is SOOOOO out there that I simply cannot buy in ie I do not believe in things like my wealth energy is being literally sucked down my bathroom drain This isn't a good fit for anyone who is already a practical logical thinkerI wanted to like it and to find it inspiring but nopeDNF page 116203

  10. Alhanouf Alhanouf says:

    Loved this book I was a little lost when it came to home organizing and making compost But the rest is super useful in my life and chapter 16 I wish I can re print it in a pocket copy and keep in in my pocket I never used so much highlighting in any book as this one It's that kind of book that needs memorizing because it's just so awesome Thanks Tina I'm absolutely recommending this to all my friends and it's definitely a book club discussion material

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