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7 thoughts on “Mister Fred

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was my absolute favorite book as a kid I distinctly remember checking this out from the library over and over again It’s in fact one of the only books I actually remember reading as a kid I found it on kindle unlimited and HAD to read it again Still loved it Someone needs to buy these rights and turn it into a movie or show It’s so cute I want to watch this Ahhhh this was so fun I highly encourage a re read of your favorite childhood books

  2. Jonah Jonah says:

    When I became a teacher I wanted to be Mister Fred

  3. Rakean Rakean says:

    With the best teacher in the school leaving to teach in Brazil what about her students They absolutely refuse to let any substitute take her place They beat down the substitutes with chaos and throwing things Spitballs fly paper airplanes do as well and the substitutes are forced to leave However this keeps going on until Mr Fred comes According to Anya The person who is narrating the book he is a slimy mindreading sixth grader liking alien freak To me Mr Fred was funny weird but that funniness and weirdness didn't stop the kids from changing I liked the change that the students made except for one with Mr Fred and his pet Franch Puddle Duck The weirdness of Mr Fred and the suspiciousness of the children would really make somebody study With bits of fiction funny schooling tactics and a nice plot that keeps getting suspenseful this book for me was an awesome read

  4. Robert Rozell Robert Rozell says:

    I liked this book

  5. Stephanie Otte Stephanie Otte says:

    This was just a good time

  6. Patrick Mozdzynski Patrick Mozdzynski says:


  7. Sara Stiles Sara Stiles says:

    It has taken me 20 years to finish this book and I can honestly say the wait was worth it

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