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  1. Caroline Caroline says:

    I wish I was rich I wish I could buy this book as a Christmas present for everyone I knowIt is humongously excitingIt’s book written by one of Britain top designers – and it maps the progress of him and his studio from 1990 to 2011 It details not only the projects but the creative thinking behind the projects too The scope of the projects is extensive from uniue Christmas cards to buildings to chairsand even a vulture aviary in India He strides the world with his innovative ideasThis man has a colossal imagination I don’t like all of his work but a lot of it is wonderfully thrilling and some of it I adore He works a lot with industry using cutting edge materials or materials from unexpected uarters and he searches the world for the latest euipment euipment that will help him realise his extraordinary ideas His work is a wonderful example of fine art meeting technology and the results are often exuisitely beautiful or playful or both Herewith a few examples of his work I don't know how things work here but I am hoping you can click on one or two of the images and get to see them betterThe Seed Cathedral at the Shanghai World Expo This consisted of an installation of 60000 acrylic rods piercing a structure from outside to inside Inside the end of each rod carried seeds from the Kew Gardens seed bank 250000 seeds in total Daylight would travel down each rod to light up the seeds And here is part of the wall of seeds from inside the Seed Cathedral Close up of the Material House Sculpture in the Science Museum in London comprising 213 layers of different materials fused together then sculpted to create what looks like a serpentine geological formation running from floor to ceiling “Spun” chairs at the VA Museum in London which can rotate and rock in three dimensions when people sit on them Tower in Colindale London Design for a London cable car Teeside power station Christmas card All Heatherwick's intricate cards are sent through the post with the help of his local sorting office in London Christmas cards – the pattern on the “snowflake” consists of card folded several times and stamped with the name and address of the recipient; then all the negative space has been cut out The card unfolds to make the snowflake with just a repeating pattern of the name and address His latest venture is a work in progress a garden bridge across the River Thames in LondonTo get a 360 degree view of a mock up of this bridge just click one of the pointers on the top left of the videohttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vg14XR Photography creditsSeed Cathedral exteriorDarren Bradley flickrhttpwwwflickrcomphotos88017382Seed Cathedral interiorEvan Chakroff flickrhttpwwwflickrcomphotosevandagaThe Materials House sculptureJoseph Hoetzl flickrhttpwwwflickrcomphotosjosephho“Spun” chairsEverydaylifestyle flickrhttpwwwflickrcomphotoseverydayTower in Colindale LondonDesign for a London cable carBoth Christmas card picturesPhoto taken by me from book “Thomas Heatherwick Making”Published by Thames Hudson

  2. Antonis Moras Antonis Moras says:

    The book is based in a reversed chromology narrative so it is actually of a cvportfolio that you buy The language is simple and unfortunately the concepts not really deep but its ok Heatherwick's work seems to be really unexpected contextless to be precise and this is why is seems to stand out The book is rich and really deserves to be read though someone will realize that there are lots of repetitions and recyclings of concepts

  3. Minah Minah says:

    It is all about Thomas Heatherwick's experiments of shapes and materials how to build those shapes Constantly studying materials and trying to make shapes whatever he wants are key sources to create great objects including big scales of architectures

  4. Judy Judy says:

    Interesting book by one of Britain's top designers Full of interesting pictures and text written by Heatherwick

  5. Wu Taichi Wu Taichi says:


  6. Lorenzo Diaz campos Lorenzo Diaz campos says:

    ¿Se puede hacer diseño contestando preguntas? Pues precisamente para Thomas Heatherwhick de eso se trata el diseño y este maravilloso monográfico lo demuestra con gran aciertoPresentando más de 120 proyectos sí ¡más de 120 este prolífico diseñador Inglés hace alarde de su metodología de diseño Presentados en orden cronológico los proyectos permiten ver la evolución de uno de los pilares del diseño Inglés contemporáneo y demuestran su indiscutible capacidad para innovar de una manera poco común en el mundo del diseño industrial contemporáneoHoy en día el estudio de Thomas es un gran euipo interdisciplinario y los encargos ue recibe vienen de todas partes del mundo y muchos de ellos son de gran envergadura pero es fácil suponer ue no siempre fue así Lo ue este aruitectodiseñador logra plasmar en su monográfico es la tremenda coherencia entre lo ue hizo como estudiante universitario y lo ue presentó al mundo en la feria mundial en Shanghái durante las olimpiadas y ahora ue el nuevo autobús de dos pisos ue circula por LondresPensar ue este talentoso diseñador nació sólo en 1970 y ha recorrido un brillante camino deja ver como ha sido productivo Algo es seguro Heatherwhick ha contestado muchas preguntas; y vaya ue ha dado las respuestas ¡correctas

  7. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    An extraordinary collection of innovation and ingenuity from one of Britain's foremost contemporary designers Deftly factual and inspirational

  8. Lorrainel Lorrainel says:

    Was so inspired by the V A exhibition that I bought this massive tome Have been dreaming about rolling bridges and extruded bench seats Stunning and beautiful and useful

  9. Natereads Natereads says:

    A great seed of inspiration for the creative minds

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Thomas Heatherwick ➶ [Reading] ➸ Thomas Heatherwick By Thomas Heatherwick ➫ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The first retrospective publication on the work of award winning designer Thomas Heatherwick the subject of a 2012 exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum offers an in depth look at all aspects of t The first retrospective publication on the work of award winning designer Thomas Heatherwick the subject of a exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum offers an in depth look at all aspects of the innovator's creative design and manufacturing processes Heatherwick is known as one of the greatest innovators of our era and for the first time this publication provides an inside look at the creation and development of his projects It answers the one uestion always asked of Heatherwick's work How did he do that The book covers the studio's complete output over than fifteen years—some projects—including designs large and small zippered bags that can be expanded to five times their size a bridge that rolls open and closed the in progress one million suare foot mall in Hong Kong and glass bridge in London.