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  1. Preeta Preeta says:

    I can't decide between three and four stars I'm giving it four because I read this in a week and it was the first time in almost ten years that I've read anything that fast This book made me remember what it was like to check out a mile high pile of books from the library and devour them all while eating sour candy in bed And it did that despite being about child abuse so it must be doing something remarkable but I'm having trouble summing the appeal up as you can see Part of it is the understated English humour this isn't PG Wodehouse funny at all but your mild spinsterish Barbara Pym Beryl Bainbridge sharp wit Lots of spot on descriptions characters I could love despite their obvious failings a very clear point that most of the time isn't made heavy handedly The book has some glaring flaws for one thing it's going for this epic look at two women's lives but for some odd reason it chooses to cover only five years of those lives If the narrative had spread out just a little say over ten years I would've bought those epic pretensions but five years?? And then there are a few heavy handed moments and finally I wasn't entirely sure about the ending I wasn't sure if it meant to leave things somewhat unresolved or if it was hinting at conclusions I couldn't uite graspAny synopsis will not do the book justice but here goes Emma rich girl and Kate wretchedly poor abused become friends while still teenagers For a bit it seems as if Kate will escape her past but then one bad decision and you know how it goes Before you know it she's living in a hovel and yes abusing her own children The two women's lives become and different but the lasting power of their friendship is convincingly depicted although I've made it sound like a bad Hindi film and it's also somehow empowering to read about All in all I'm not sure why Monica Dickens continues to languish in obscurity while other uite similar writers Doris Lessing came immediately to mind earned the towering reputations they deserved

  2. Carol Fenlon Carol Fenlon says:

    An interesting viewpoint on class and poverty in this novel from the 1960s by Monica Dickens Two girls from very different backgrounds strike up a friendship that endures for many years Emma is the JPs daughter the world is her oyster she has everything that Kate dragged up by an intolerable family and abused at all turns has not Emma takes up social work and they meet when Kate comes up before Emma's father as in need of care and protection Their lives are then revealed from the viewpoint of each over many years It's a tragic story for Kate and Emma's story reveals even her father has feet of clay but the interest for the contemporary reader is the perspective of the 1950s and 60s on social work and poverty The senior social worker with whom Emma works is hardened to the worst effects of poverty and ignorance but deals kindly and with real care with his clients Children are even taken into his own home in emergencies Emma pulls out all the stops for her friend Kate even when Kate's behaviour to her own children is intolerable I was uite surprised to read that the social workers in the book returned Kate's other children to her even though she had been unspeakably cruel to one scapegoated child and regularly went out leaving the others on their own doping them with aspirin to keep them uiet Despite the kindness and care towards Kate there is a subtext in the novel to the popular social work theories of the time Bowlby and the theory of the cycle of depravation I'm not sure if the subtext was saying that while poverty exists people will always be trapped in it or whether it was saying that people brought up in the poverty trap cannot be helped because they will always revert to type For this reason it was an engaging read though not one for the sueamish

  3. Margaret Margaret says:

    This has been one of my favourite books since I first read it many years ago Always a good one to go back to from time to time A brilliantly depicted and very moving account of the effects of chronic poverty on human lives

  4. Kate Kate says:

    Very sympathetically written and amazing how the author makes you sympathetic to someone who abuses their children I don't think it is that dated either Definitely recommend it

  5. Rita Rita says:

    I have a copy of Angel in the Corner but Kate and Emma sounds like it might be one of her better booksThe best known is apparently the first one about working as a servantShe seems to be classified as 'light' but I shuld wait and form my own opinion

  6. Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown says:

    Kate and Emmawhere to start? I will begin on a positive; I liked the authors writing style some wonderful examples of simile if a little overused and the fact that she invoked strong feelings shows that the story engaged me However from the outset I imagined I was entering into a scene from Dickens the other Dickens it appears she was so influenced by her Great Grandfather Charles’s works that she may have unintentionally fallen into recreating similar characters and conditions The mention of a bathroom and the child with a plastic bottle jarred with the scene I had already pictured My problem was once I had this 19th Century image in my mind I never lost it Bingo Television and supermarket shops were mentioned but other than a mere hint now and again my original impression of a gloomy cold impoverished existence prevailed above everything If I hadn’t been told that the period was late 1950’s early 1960’s I would never have guessed It appeared to be poverty and winter throughout the whole story which spanned about 7 years I had pictured Saint Emma in her long fitted coat with little leather boots and gloves on occasion a hat with a plume true and Kate in a long tattered dress and shawl around her shoulders I don’t recall much of the clothing description except the little urchins in their father’s sawn off trousers; straight out of a Dickensian novel or 1930’s maybeThe ‘car prot’ man came across as one of the portly ruddy faced do gooder characters in his tall chimney stack hat who suffered the snots and pee from the urchins he cuddled Saint Emma too allowing the child with scabs on his face to lay his head on her smart coat apparently she loved his scabs too bless Her speech was sometimes ‘Olde Worlde’ too “I was so happy when a small crusted girl who turned out to be a boy with long matted curls climbed up on me that I didn’t mind the smell and dirt of him” Yes As ifApart from little Sammy and the other children I hated most of the adultsKate at 16 was placed in care which could have been her saving; little Sammy her 4 years old son didn’t do so well I attributed Sammy’s fate to Saint Emma and her mission to save the self obsessed Kate She became Kate’s enabler spending so much time and effort pandering to her Emma came across as not there to help this family but to make herself feel good about it a sort of willing victim forsaking her own life to show how selfless she was Miss E Bullock caseworkerI couldn’t understand Emma’s rejection of her father when she was doing the same thing with a married man and then went on to desert her fiancé so she could play the martyr againI also found it uite unbelievable that in the time period any social services would allow those young children to be taken from the hospital after their father almost killed them by tampering with the gas pipes and this was beside the neglect and abandonment while the parents went out leaving them alone??? If Monica Dickens had wanted to bring a Dickensian story into the twenty first century she could have done it so much better by using information from that time period; this is why I was lost in a sort of no man’s land the visions were so mixed and vague Could Mollyarthur possibly be a pseudonym for Clara Peggotty? Kate and Emma p7 Monica Dickens 19151992

  7. Julia Schulz Julia Schulz says:

    I've partially read this but gave up when she failed to establish an emotionally true connection between Kate and Emma as opposed to what she alluded to The idea in itself for the novel was a good one However it needed some rework to take it to the level where it needed to be to invoke an emotional reaction from her readers In order to resonate on all levels within the reader's mind well as I said it needed emotion

  8. Herbi (Heather) Williams Herbi (Heather) Williams says:

    As a social worker I find this a really interesting read The themes are still so relevant 50 years later

  9. Adrien Adrien says:

    Why does Monica Dickens end her novels basically mid sentence? Argh I could have easily read another 300 pages about Kate and Emma

  10. Kate Wright Kate Wright says:

    Took getting used to the writing style Interesting reading this today and some politically incorrect comments evident of 1964 thinking

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