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Blue LipstickConcrete Poems ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Blue LipstickConcrete Poems By John Grandits ✩ – A 15 year old girl named Jessie voices typical—and not so typical—teenage concerns in this uniue hilarious collection of poems Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles playing volley A year old girl named Jessie voices typical—and not so typical—teenage concerns in this uniue hilarious collection of poems Her musings about trying out new makeup and hairstyles playing volleyball and cello and dealing with her annoying younger brother are never boring or predictable Who else do you know who designs her own clothes and writes poetry to her cat Jessie’s a girl with strong opinions and she isn’t shy about sharing them Her funny sarcastic take on high school life is revealed through concrete poetry words ideas type and design that combine Blue LipstickConcrete Kindle - to make pictures and patterns The poems are inventive irreverent irresistible and full of surprises—just like Jessie—and the playful layout and ingenious graphics extend the wry humor.

10 thoughts on “Blue LipstickConcrete Poems

  1. Hannah M. Hannah M. says:

    This book was uite good overall I really liked the poems in it they were pretty funny and it was also pretty fun to read because I had to keep turning the book Overall I liked it a uite a bit

  2. Katie Carson Katie Carson says:

    I loved the creativity that comes with writing concrete poetry and Blue Lipstick is exemplary of this The story of a teenager sorting her way through high school is brilliantly told through a variety of styles shapes and fonts As in all concrete poetry the form of the writing tells the story along with the words themselves What I really liked about Blue Lipstick in particular is that the author never strays from the story in order to include a poem With each new narrative poem the story of Jessie's life progresses smoothly The variety of poems in the book offer Grandits the opportunity to play with many different concrete styles such as a dialogue poem with Talking to My Stupid Younger Brother Is Like Swimming Upstream in a River to Nowhere Creating a block form in The Wall allows for the author to separate some of the main character's internal struggles visually for readers As stated in our text contemporary poetry often comes with a honest and direct voice as well as a clever non rhyming tone to still engage its audience Blue Lipstick exemplifies both of these contemporary poetry elements

  3. Grace Galinski Grace Galinski says:

    This book wasinteresting The poems are pretty whacky but they were pretty funny also The layout of the book was pretty weird too I kept having to turn the book to read the actual poems But over all I'd say it was worth the read

  4. Cassie Cox Cassie Cox says:

    I just finished this tiny giant of a book I am a collector a collector of words of models of ideas for possibilities Each time I turned the page I found myself reading and thinking of ways I might be able to use this in my high school Language Arts classes Seriously this book is a uick read I am ordering extra copies right now because I know my students will want to analyze this gem over and over and overIf you don't already own it I'm sorrybut there is hope If you order it now Blue Lipstick Concrete Poems can find its way to your porch in just days

  5. Mary Mary says:

    Recommended for Ages 10 and upKirkus ReviewsAfter suffering indignities at the pen of little brother Robert Technically It's Not My Fault 2004 big sister Jessie gets her chance In full adolescent voice she talks of the disastrous day she dyed her hair blue the misery of pep rallies the futility of talking to grownups and the path of a secret As in the previous volume the poems are shaped by their subjects so in The Bowling Party the reader gets a bird's eye view of Jessie's shots a gutter ball a fader a feeble dribble and a strike in the neighboring alley In Go Look in the Mirror the words appear in reverse against an oval of blue as Jessie contemplates her appearance before going out All My Important Thinking Gets Done in the Shower possibly the best selection features gentle streams of blue words emerging from a showerhead each forming a sentence completely unrelated to the one next to it Although Jessie's progress through the year is far from smooth she learns a few things about friends boyfriends and cheerleaders Necessarily lacking the startling originality of its predecessor this is nevertheless a playfully worthy companion Poetry 10I really enjoyed the cleverness of this book full of concrete poems One of my favorite piece was All my Important Thinking Gets Done in the Shower This book is funny and would be great for girls 10 and up

  6. Catherine Catherine says:

    The poetry book “Blue Lipstick” by John Grandest is an award winning collection that should be shared with children The poems in this book are formatted in unusual ways For example the “Pocket Poem” is written on a sheet of paper that is coming out of a jean pocket Before the poem begins the sheet of paper says “It’s a good idea to carry a poem in your pocket in case of an emotional emergency” which is an intriguing way to captivate the intended reader I would recommend this book of poems to students grades 5 9 In the classroom I would have my students choose a poem from the book and write a poem that models the format of the poem as seen in the book Then the students would create an interesting format to publish the poem similar to Grandest

  7. Abby Johnson Abby Johnson says:

    In a collection of concrete poems that are fun visually than intellectually Blue Lipstick gives a snapshot of 9th grader Jessie's life Poems cover everything from an emotional graph of her day stretching from Shaving My Head and Running Away to Ridiculously Happy to Zombie Jocks my personal favorite and making a poem that a cat would appreciate cut onto strips attached to a hanger She loved it She batted at it for an hour Certainly fun to look at and to read Kids will eat this one up and enjoy making their own concrete poems

  8. Mallory Mallory says:

    Written from the viewpoint of a teenage girl this collection of poems brilliantly portrays the thoughts feelings and issues of being an awkward high school kid Students will be able to easily relate to these poems as the words visibly show the actions or emotions being expressed Some of the poems are about lighthearted topics while others are serious I would recommend this books for middle schoolers However concrete poems will appeal to students of all ages and this book is a great example of such poems

  9. Katiekate Katiekate says:

    great bookthe words are set up very creativley and everyone is waiting for me to check it back in Im not going to check it back in for a while even though i already finished it

  10. Riley Riley says:

    This book was a uick read but I really liked the format and the style of the poems Each poem had a funny or relatable situation anyone could relate to This book is a must read for poetry fans

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