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Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll [PDF / Epub] ☂ Complete Illustrated Lewis Carroll By Lewis Carroll – Features illustrated with hundreds of images relating to Carroll’s life and works annotated with concise introductions to the novels and other works ALL the novels have their original Victorian illu Features illustrated with hundreds of images relating to Carroll’s life and works annotated with concise introductions to the novels and other works ALL the novels have their original Victorian illustrations – spend hours exploring the original Alice images and rarer images available nowhere else the original version of ALICE’S ADVENTURES UNDER GROUND with Carroll’s uniue illustrations includes Sir John Tenniel’s original illustrations for ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND includes rare poetry collections available in no other eBook special alphabetical list of poems – find that Complete Illustrated PDF \ special poem uickly and easily images of how the novels first appeared giving your Kindle a taste of the Victorian texts includes a selection of Carroll’s mathematical works SPECIAL BONUS section of three biographies on Carroll – explore his fascinating life in detail scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres allowing easy navigation around Carroll’s diverse oeuvreLewis Carroll was a prominent figure of the Victorian age having not only written the Alice novels but also varied works such as mathematical treatises poetry and short stories This eBook gives readers the uniue opportunity of exploring Carroll’s work in a manner never before possible This is the complete and fully illustrated literary works of Lewis Carroll with a selection of mathematical works tooPlease note we aim to provide the most comprehensive author collections available to Kindle readers Sadly it’s not possible to guarantee an absolutely ‘complete’ works due to the scarcity of minor texts However we do ensure our customers that every possible major text and a wealth of other material are included We are dedicated to developing and enhancing our ebooks which are available as free updates for customers who have already purchased them CONTENTSThe NovelsALICE'S ADVENTURES UNDER GROUNDALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLANDTHROUGH THE LOOKING GLASSSYLVIE AND BRUNOSYLVIE AND BRUNO CONCLUDEDThe Short StoriesA TANGLED TALEBRUNO'S REVENGE AND OTHER STORIESWHAT THE TORTOISE SAID TO ACHILLESThe Poetry CollectionsEARLY VERSEPROLOGUES TO PLAYSCOLLEGE RHYMES AND NOTES BY AN OXFORD CHIELPHANTASMAGORIA AND OTHER POEMSTHE HUNTING OF THE SNARKTHREE SUNSETS AND OTHER POEMSPUZZLES FROM WONDERLANDACROSTICS INSCRIPTIONS AND OTHER VERSESThe PoemsLIST OF POEMS IN ALPHABETICAL ORDERSelected Mathematical WorksSYMBOLIC LOGICTHE GAME OF LOGICTHE ALPHABET CIPHERFEEDING THE MINDThe BiographiesTHE LIFE AND LETTERS OF LEWIS CARROLL BY STUART DODGSON COLLINGWOODLEWIS CARROLL IN WONDERLAND AND AT HOME BY BELLE MOSESTHE STORY OF LEWIS CARROLL BY ISA BOWMAN.

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  1. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewTheories Galore Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollOriginal Review 1994 08 10I’ve always interpreted “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” as a modern FairytaleIn a way most of modern commercial movies are like classical fairytales very elemental stories set in a simplistic moral universe with stereotypical characters The movies may seem to be complex but that is mostly 'effect' Movies are very good at the dazzle part of the story telling business Complexity of story very much less so

  2. Joshlynn Joshlynn says:

    This volume will stay with me for my entire life It was the first grown up book I ever received as a gift from a stranger whose name escapes me Whoever it was they changed my life Stepping into Carroll's world opened my mind to the possibilities of the human imagination the concept of math as art and interested me in the man behind the genius

  3. K.D. K.D. says:

    This has turned into one of my at home books; I dare you to take it into public It's like bound spontaneous laughterWell now that we have seen each other said the Unicorn if you'll believe in me I'll believe in you Is that a bargain?

  4. Sofia Sofia says:

    I have very mixed reviews of this one book Complete collections of Lewis Carroll and I now understand why Alice in Wonderland followed by Through the Looking Glass are his best known works I suppose I shouldn't say I completed this book because after Sylvie and Bruno I just couldn't take it Baby talk I cannot STAND baby talk in real life and reading it even coming from a small child is than I can take For example here's the sort of excerpt that makes me fly on in an angry rant Doos oo think Crocodiles goes walks wizout blankets? I don't care how young the character you're writing about is suppose to be this is obnoxious and makes me intensely dislike this child Which may be irrational and unfair but this was just painfulI enjoyed the nonsense of Alice in Wonderland It's very well done if you accept that you're reading a dream It's well done that way like when you're having a dream and a pink elephant walks in you just accept it and start up a conversation And when he turns into Lucille Ball you just accept it and continue on That I enjoyed The nonsense of Sylvie and Bruno blended with those existential conversations in the adult world was just not engaging for me I couldn't bring myself to carry on with Sylvie and Bruno Concluded Maybe if I become masochistic one day I'll attempt it

  5. Sharyl Sharyl says:

    What is the use of a book without pictures or conversations? I agree especially conversations And the conversations in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are some of the most famously fabulous confabulations Don't mind me I just like how that word sounds These pictures by illustrator John Tenniel were very important to Lewis Carroll and his storyIt's been many years since I've read these stories and I am surprised to find them both profound and hilarious But then I am not the same person I was yesterday It now seems obvious that Alice's shifting size discomfort and confusion simply describe being a child By the way Alice is seven and a half years old and she is always the voice of intelligence and innocence in the rather insane adult world around her The seuel story Through the Looking Glass has a darker serious tone in my opinion I know that the first time I read this the fact that there is a chess game on the entire time was lost on me Alice begins as a pawn and that train ride she takes at the beginning is her first move a big one since pawns are allowed to move two spaces in their first turn And the way the ueens move so fast making Alice run and get out of breath corresponds to the way a ueen is allowed to move Near the end the white knight who rescues her and is so clumsily falling off his horse left and right is demonstrating his L shaped moves as well After her encounter with the knight Alice has only to cross over one brook before reaching the eighth rank promotion to ueen She wakes up after capturing the red ueenNote evidently back in Lewis Carroll's day most chess sets were red and white instead of black and white I don't know much about chess so this would be what I notice Another thing lost on me was the famous conversation with the white ueen when she says The rule is jam to morrow and jam yesterday but never jam to day' I took for granted that that was pure silly nonsense but it was actually meant as a pun It is a rule of Latin grammar which I don't remember learning myself in Latin class that iam means now but only in past and future In the present the word would be nunc i and j are interchangeable in Latin Evidently this uote became so famous that it became an expression for asking for too much as in I suppose you want jam on that What was not lost on me the first time was the poems The Jabberwocky and The Walrus and the Carpenter especially And Alice's conversation with Humpty Dumpty and how he translates some of the words in the first poem is fun He's uite the egg head There is so much to love here and I know it's all been said before I am very glad that I picked it up again

  6. Courtney Courtney says:

    1 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland2 Through the Looking Glass3 Sylvie and Bruno4 Sylvie and Bruno Concluded5 A Tangled Tale6 The Hunting of the Snark7 Phantasmagoria and Other Poems8 Three Sunsets and Other Poems

  7. Heidi Junia Heidi Junia says:

    Lewis Carroll was a genius

  8. A A says:

    I consider the Alice books and Carroll's nonsense poems some of the greatest works in the English language Viewing the full scope of his work in this hefty tome it's difficult to say everything else reaches the same level which is why I dock a star The Sylvie Bruno novels are interesting adult versions of his surreal fantasy with overt nods to fairy lore but they oddly suffer from moralism and sentimentality His early poetry is strikingly very Victorian and not always bad just unformed and derivativeIf you like Lewis Carroll and want to explore his work in depth any of the complete collections are well advised It certainly gives one a full picture of Carroll's core themes and style his absolute talent with language and logic If you like the Alice books read Gardner's annotations first

  9. Alexis Fedor Alexis Fedor says:

    For me who hasn't read these stories all the way through I find my imagination stimulated with each short sitting

  10. M.L. Crane M.L. Crane says:

    This one was difficult for me to rate While Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass have both always been 5 stars for me I found the rest of his work boring I did like a couple of his poems but overall I was a bit disappointed For years I have always said that Lewis Carroll was one of my favorite authors and now I’m so sad to discover that that isn’t the truth However the Alice books will forever be my favorite books

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