He Left Her at the Altar, She Left Him to the Zombies

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  1. Netanella Netanella says:

    What a great collection of zombie shorts Katie Cord is a name I'll remember for zombiehorror fiction There were a few stories that I didn't uite care for particularly the ones at the beginning during the outbreak of the infection But once the infection started spreading and the stories told tales of survivors in the later years I was hooked I particularly liked the story of Martinez on border patrol Great voice for an indie authorAnd kudos for a custom cover that matches the story down to the aviator glasses on Bridezilla My bookish heart is in love

  2. Marie Marie says:

    Great readI enjoyed this collection of short stories involving zombies in one fashion or another Some stories were funny some tragic some sweet but all were well written I hope to read from this author soon

  3. Kenny Soward Kenny Soward says:

    This is a series of zombie shorts placed in chronological order to give the narrative a book feel I thought the first few stories the setup were just okay some of the characters were a little off to me although I can't say why without spoilingBut I have to say the book picked up about one third of the way through and really took on a life of its own I enjoyed He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies immensely and the stories that followed I especially enjoyed the story of Maxine and look forward to the Maxine novels Also I found the bonus story Green is Gold to be deep and moving although the overall message seemed a touch repetitive Overall really good zombie stuff here I would definitely read of Katie's work

  4. Dawn Marie Dawn Marie says:

    A little uneven and could really use some editing but the early stories are especially strong It's nice to see horror from a female point of view and Cord finds a voice for a series of women from all walks of life

  5. Pandem Buckner Pandem Buckner says:

    There are a couple or three things I need to get out of the way before I get to actually reviewing the book He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies by Katie CordFirst thing is I am not typing that title out over and over again We’ll be calling it AltarZombies from here on outSecond this book is currently out of print Katie self published it a few years back before starting Evil Girlfriend Media The copy I bought from her in September 2013 was one of the few remaining in her possession If after reading this review you wish to join the growing chorus of those begging her to republish AltarZombies please feel free to send a message on her site You can still get copies on but be prepared to pay a bunchThird this book is a little rough I was warned before I read it that it was self edited and Katie makes no claims at all to being an editor Definitely could use a little polish before the repubhopefully Katie can find an editor that works cheap hint hintOkay All that said let’s get on to the review He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies is brilliantSeriouslyI’m not even a zombie fan and I loved the hell out of this book Reading this book I started to understand that good zombies stories really good zombie stories are about the survivors not the zombies Katie clearly already knew that and painted ten pictures of normal flawed some deeply so human beings struggling with the sudden reality of dead people not staying dead It’s about the discovery of a new world through abrupt change on that later Whereas The Walking Dead is mostly about Rick Grimes trying to do right by his troupe of survivors and bring some order to the new lawless world these stories are about people who are just people – not exemplars of a higher ideal not moral compasses for other survivors not even shining examples of the heroism everyone should aspire to – just real average people shoved into extraordinary circumstances Those are the stories Katie is telling here and they are simply brilliant Brilliantly written very well characterized deeply flawed people – those people always make for interesting stories than archetypes and pure heroes and Katie does a fantastic job with them hereEnough raving – though I could go on for uite some time – let’s get to the stories1 Puberty – This is the second time I’ve read a version this story An elongated version was written for the writing group that Katie and I used to be part of; that was the first version I read Gotta say it – sorry Katie – I like this version much much better Shorter and to the point this version just as it is could and should be the first chapter of a novel length story It’s a great coming of age story the feeling of transformation is very well portrayed and the story is just so so good this way It’s such a sudden abrupt transition from day to day boring life into this strange new world – the suddenness makes it so good and really pulled me along with the heroine into her new unwanted life So much better this way2 Daddy’s Girl – Another story that could be part of a larger one “Daddy’s Girl” is an interesting look at life inside a military family with an overbearing patriarch He’s mostly like Bill Cosby but that he records all the family’s conversations is a disturbing detail – it’s like if Cliff Huxtable worked for the NSA But it’s not about him it’s about his daughter and how she uses the lessons he taught her from a prom gone awry to the wonderful twist at the end3 The Language of Survival – If you ever want to read a story that will dissuade you from being a professional pedicurist this is it Oh my God other people’s feet Ick That part of the story is pretty grody but enjoyably so There are a lot of moving parts in this story from Amy’s relationship with her vapid sister April and domineering Auntie Xian to the pale creepy guy that’s there for a surprise meeting and then the zombie problems start – all of these elements are expertly juggled in the story which is why I love it And it manages to be funny in the middle of all that too This story continues the theme from the other stories of a new world being discovered but Amy is the one who uses the opportunity to break free of her old life and be someone new – a very satisfying ending to a very good story4 He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies – Well the title kinda gave the plot of that one away didn’t it? But it’s still well worth reading Especially for the protagonist Maddie who is point blank a terrible terrible person “Bridezilla” is one of the many words that could be used to describe her and one of the few I can say on this page She’s a selfish spoiled self absorbed ruthless unholy terror of a woman – and that as I began to realize with dawning horror makes her extremely well suited to survive a zombie apocalypse In the movies that type of person never makes it to the end but in reality they would not only survive but possibly prosper because they’d do whatever it takes to insure their own survival A funny but brutal lesson to learn Well taught though5 Marriage – This was my least favourite in the book actually I felt the marriage problems were smoothed over too uickly and if the story had continued would only return in greater strength later But at least I cared enough about the characters to think that much about them as those who know me know that I don’t often do with real people It’s still a well written look at an atypical marriage with a breadwinner wife and lay about husband but ugh That guy6 The House and Kid – While the last story looked at an un traditional marriage this story looks at a painfully traditional marriage and works all the better for being a counterpoint to the previous story Looking back I realized that this is the first story in the collection of a smooth orderly life falling suddenly into chaos; a point wonderfully illustrated by the zombie PTA that shows up – and I am not kidding about that At its heart this is a story about all the little things we fuss over every day and the knowledge brought by horror of what it is that really matters7 The Pet – In my notes I called “The Pet” a “uietly and therefore gloriously disturbing story” Like the title story the female protagonist in this one is not a good person; Mariah Braxton I just got that name haha is also selfish and self centered The difference is that Mariah rationalizes away her guilt over the terrible things she does unlike Maddie who just never felt guilt So there’s a little hope for Mariah In the end though Mariah reveals herself to only have wanted the same things we all want which makes her a little less horrifying than Maddie was but still every bit as ruthless Something else I liked about this story it’s told from Mariah’s perspective and Katie does a great job of making the reader sympathize with a terrible person Maybe you won’t want to but you will and you’ll like it in the end8 Your Cheatin’ Heart – This story takes place in Mississippi which reminds me What are you trying to say here about my home state Katie? I don’t want to give too much of this story away but it’s my favourite of the collection and it shows that Katie has a completely correct yet completely depressing grasp of human nature This is EXACTLY what would happen in a zombie Apocalypse if enough of humanity survived It’s hilarious and it explores an avenue of depressingly realistic human reaction to the zombies that I’d never seen done before The good news here is that this story is reprinted in the recent collection Roms Bombs Zoms published by Evil Girlfriend Media This story alone is worth the price of that book9 The Plan – “The Plan” is a traditional ghost story than it is a zombie story but still a good one that earns its place in this collection The failed “raise the dead” ritual was a nice humorous touch This is the most character driven story; it does read a little dry early on but picks up uickly enough to prevent you from losing interest It also maintains the theme of the risen dead making a new world a new life possible and does so in a way that’s perhaps traditional than the other stories in this book but isn’t out of place with its motifs It’s about where you came from where you’re going and what the people that didn’t get there have to say about it10 The Cure – Up front this story is heartbreaking It’s so sad It’s gonna grab your heartstrings from the beginning and not let go But it’s so well crafted and the characters so well developed that you have to read it Olivia Jayce makes a compelling protagonist and her love Dani is a very tragic figure in the story and her struggles with her illness gave me a new respect for those who care for the disabled Olivia makes a deal with Umbrella Corp a shady pharmaceutical company to save her love and the resultswell just read it It’s a very sad very evocative story I know that may scare some of you away but I like it when a writer makes me care enough to feel what they want me to feel I like emotionally evocative writing and this is a shining example of that particular bit of word crafting Also it wouldn’t be out of place as backstory in a Resident Evil game; in fact it reminds me of the very sad back story shown in the credits of Resident Evil 4 about how the poor villagers just wanted medical treatment and were instead infected withokay I’m digressing Just read the damn story and play Resident Evil 4; it was the last one before Capcom thought co op or AI players were a good ideaIn fact read all of the stories They’re all wonderful in their ways all working along the same themes but exploring those themes in very different ways The variety is great the characterization is spot on the emotional involvement with these characters is very high and you may stumble over a spot here or there that needs editing but it’s not enough to distract from the enjoyment of these ten brilliant talesGet this book if you can and if you can’t ask Katie to re publish it here

  6. T. Jackson T. Jackson says:

    Great read Really great story Loved the characters Fantastic Story Could not put it down

  7. barbara liddle barbara liddle says:

    Read every word 😊Loved every word of this author and looking forward to reading and can't wait to read Maxine don't care if it's a child's book lol x

  8. Heather Faville Heather Faville says:

    Technically 35 stars but worthy of rounding up Would you take the sage advice of a friend who had long since been dead but has been brought back with a bit of VooDoo magic? What would you do if you found out that instead of hitting puberty you were becoming a flesh eating creature and everything about your life was a lie? How far would you go to save your love from living a life of pain and suffering from a horrific illness? These are just a few uestions that can be raised when reading He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies by Katie Cord Consisting of 10 short stories all of which revolve around a female main character He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies is a fun read with a number of stories that I greatly enjoyed There were as always a few that weren’t up my alley but that is to be expected in most anthologies Cord does a great job telling a story in a limited number of words Being a newly published author there are a few aspects to Cord’s writing style that could be fleshed out but that will happen as she continues her writing I definitely look forward to reading from this authorIf you are a fan of anthologies that are a uick fast paced read definitely give He Left Her at the Altar She Left Him to the Zombies a try

  9. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was an okay collection The biggest downfall was that it felt like there were a lot of stories about the start of the zombie apocalypse Which meant a lot of going through the every day with the main characters of the story which can be boringYes most zombie novels start there but then they move into action Which is why I like zombie books I don't care if this lady was a bridezilla about getting everything the way she wanted for her wedding I don't care about fishing tripsOr correction I care if it gives me background about a character I'm gonna be spending a lot of time with But it feels wasteful to spend so much time on the mundane in a short zombie story I was pretty intrigued about the Maxine excerpt that was included in this Unfortunately it was already suppose to be published and it doesn't look like it has been At least it wasn't on the kindle store where I could find it Its always fun to get a mix of decent human beings and horrible human beings in a zombie story and this book gave you both So a plus there

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I picked up Cord’s anthology at CrypticonAll of the short stories focus upon women and relationships in the zombie apocalypse Like in many anthologies some were to my taste than others The title story was humorous; but most of the others were just dark horror My favorites were Retirement Bites and Your Cheatin’ Heart The reason is that both deal with older characters and the regrets of wasted lives which in my opinion is something missing in most horrorOne of the best decisions about this anthology is the book is laid out in chronological order Since some of the characters survive or intertwine with other stories we see them in the beginning of the apocalypse and later

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