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  1. Joseph Joseph says:

    So when last we left our hero Tiglath Ashur after a falling out with his brother Esarhaddon who had taken the throne of Assyria that should rightfully have been Tiglath's thanks to the treachery of Esarhaddon's mother found himself banished and forced to flee in haste and with perhaps assassins on his trail The Blood Star opens with that flight through the reed marshes at the mouth of the Euphrates then across the sea and the desert into Egypt and thence to other likely spots around the Mediterranean; but fate and his brother will of course bring him back home before the end This the second half of Tiglath's story broadens the scope considerably although it manages to avoid devolving into a simple travelogue the places he with his former slave the Greek Kephalos visits he always has a good reason for visiting; and the people he meets are just as vibrant and well defined as the cast of characters we met in and around Nineveh in the first bookAnd if things take a bit of a melancholy turn at times that's only to be expected if you know anything about ancient history and the kings Esarhaddon and Ashurbanipal But it's not too melancholy there's still enough violence and sex and romance and treachery and splendor to satisfy just about anyone

  2. Liviu Liviu says:

    following The Assyrian who is half Greek and tells the story of his life to his Greek great grandchildren at the venerable age of 97 610 after his exile in the first of the series exile 680 when he was 25; wanderings intrigue exotic societies intrigue battles etc the novel has all the ingredients that made the subgenre successful and this one rolls from the first page and is considerably less predictable than its predecessor so I liked it a lot and was engrossed by it until the endfor once a superb novel highly highly recommended even now 25 years after its publication

  3. Victor Bruneski Victor Bruneski says:

    Book 2 of the Tiglath Ashur saga by Nicholas GuildIn a lot of ways The Assyrian and The Blood Star could be one massive tome if they had wanted to release a 1200 page novel The Blood Star starts right where The Assyrian ends off Tiglath being banished from the Land of Ashur by his brotherThe first half of the novel is uite different then The Assyrian as Tiglath no longer leads vast armies or has to deal with Assyrian politics Instead he is a man on the run along with his trusty slave Kephalos who again tempts to steal the show with his comedic personality But besides the comedic factor then once Tiglath would be lost without his trusty slaveMr Guild introduces two new important characters about a third way into the book One is Enkidu a silent Macedonian they meet in the middle of the desert of all places and a new love interest named Selena just a young slave girl who is a GreekNeither of these characters really work for me Selena is constantly annoying that I came to hate her although I find it funny that his two slaves Selena and Kephalos don't act like slaves at all She is a spoiled child and the only thing she wants in life is to be Tiglath's concubine It get's old fast especially since she is a little girl at first Enkidu just seems to be a plot device just a big brute of a guy always there at the right time who happens to be mute so you don't have to give him any lines or motivationThankfully Selena grows up and when she finally gets her way she becomes a subdued wife who is left on the side linesThose are my only problems with this great book The story of Tiglath Ashur is epic and a must read

  4. Shannon Shannon says:

    This is definitely one of the best books I've read in a long time but there were times where it got too slow for me to give it five stars I found it much readable and exciting than the first book in the series which acts as of a setup to this book than a whole story in its own right I now wish there were books like this books where the main characters galavant around the ancient world going from Sidon to Sicily to the Steppes of Asia and into the deserts of Africa The locations in this book really were like supporting characters to Tiglath and his cronies There is so much good about this book there's no way I could sum it all up hereIf you aren't sure about this series remember that it does improve after the first book and that like many great epics it can be slow at times It's a bit like an ancient Game of Thrones with similar levels of gore politics and plodding slowness If you like ancient history about 600 BCE this book will be right up your alley Seriously give this series a shot

  5. Ireney Berezniak Ireney Berezniak says:

    Originally published in 1989 this brilliant title or accurately the series of which The Blood Star is the second and final instalment appears to have disappeared from the collective consciousness of contemporary readers if scant number of ratings and reviews it garners here and on is any indication I have not been aware of it or its author myself until searching explicitly for historical fiction set in ancient Mesopotamia This is a bit of a shame because I've found both volumes to be uite excellent The Blood Star is a direct seuel to first book in the series The Assyrian following immediately after the the events of its predecessor The series is set in ancient Mesopotamia in mid 650 BC beginning with the reign of a factual king Sennacherib and later Esarhaddon one of the key characters This particular volume is set during the reign of Esarhaddon and ascent of his son Ashurbanipal towards the closing chapters of the novel A number of other historical personas figure prominently as well as various events and military campaigns In general one has a sense that the author has researched the historical context for his story and presented it as accurately as possibleThe primary focus of these novels is a relationship between Esarhaddon and Tiglath Ashur the narrating character and Tiglath's adventures that spawn Mesopotamia and its peripheries Egypt and in smaller part Greece and Sicily Esarhaddon and Tiglath are brothers sons of king Sennacherib who grew up together and formed a very close friendship Alas all good things come to an end and the relationship disintegrates estranging both brothers Tiglath is forced to deal with the conseuences of a new reality resulting in an adventurous journey through the ancient worldWhilst telling Tiglath's story Nicholas Guild creates a compelling setting effectively utilizing historical fact as its basis Amidst intrigue and social and religious traditions of the times Tiglath must make choices that challenge his personal beliefs desires and loyalties Through his tribulations the reader must decide whether Tiglath is a slave to contemporary institutions a prisoner of his convictions a victim of circumstance or simply a coward It is a compelling superbly narrated tale thus easy to recommend to any fan of historical fiction

  6. erica erica says:

    The Blood Star begins exactly where its predecessor The Assyrian ends this is probably obvious but if you have not read the first book in the series you must read it first I ordered a copy of this book the day I finished The Assyrian as I was eager to continue reading about Tiglath Ashur our hero I was not disappointed With an antiuated writing style Nicholas Guild thrusts his reader back into the ancient world it is the Golden Age of Assyria but we do not return to Assyria until the end of the book We follow Tiglath from the land where the Tigris and the Euphrates meet around the Arabian peninsula to the rich Phoenician cities and to a crumbling Egypt how incredible to think that at this time Egypt was already an ancient civilization with its glory days far in the past We are taken to Greece and to Sicily which is rugged and undeveloped and finally back to Assyria where the series comes to a thundering conclusion that does not disappoint Together The Assyrian and The Blood Star are masterpieces of historical fiction I will definitely be looking for of Guild's work


    Loved The Blood Star a real page turner with fantastic charactersI hated loved admired and respected Tiglath throughout the Assyrian and The Blood Star The way Guild develops his characters and sinks into their mindsets Kephalos was hilarious and made me laugh out loud many times Selana was intriguing fiesty and another great accomplice to TiglathThe whole Assyrian world and time were perfectly and poetically described This was a wonderful piece of art which has had an imprint in me It made me think about death courage God Love and much Oh and the battle scenes and war were epic Thanks for this wonderful book that I will go back to the story many times in my life

  8. Brandon Brandon says:

    Such an amazing novel Part 2 of the Tiglath Ashur series This is a rare gem of a novel and takes the reader back to ancient Assyria I was sad to part with the characters I'd come to love Kephalos I will come back to this book down the road for a re read Top 10 all time favorite books If you haven't read Gary Jennings's work check out 'The Journeyer' 'Aztec' or 'Raptor' as these are historical fiction books that are very similar and also amazing I'm thinking of checking out 'River God' by Wilbur Smith nextThis book was so good highly recommend

  9. Holly Lindquist Holly Lindquist says:

    The Blood Star is the seuel to The Assyrian and continues the adventures of the exiled hero Tiglath Ashur as he travels through Egypt Phoenicia Greece and Italy This is grand melodrama of the first order full of vivid battle scenes devious plots attempted assassinations and surprising twists Tiglath's complicated relationship with his brother the king is fascinating and doesn't necessarily move in expected directions Both The Assyrian and The Blood Star have great cinematic potential I would love to see them made into movies Heck I would just love to read historical fiction novels with this much sheer bad assery yes I realize that's not an actual wordPS If you don't feel like paying an arm and a leg to obtain this book on it is alas out of print you can get a cheaper electronic version at Smashwordscom

  10. Jane Jane says:

    This is one case where the seuel far outshines the original novel The Assyrian This novel describes Tiglath Ashur's years of exile from Nineveh to Babylon Egypt Greece and Sicily; then his reconciliation with his brother the King of Assyria after seven years and his eventual return to Sicily The story is written as a memoir by Tiglath Ashur as an old man I'm glad to say the author has toned down the graphic descriptions of sex and warfare although punishments are still as cruel as in the first book I could hardly put this book down while reading it There were some historical figures but I'm sure the story as well as the protagonist was by and large fiction

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