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  • 123 pages
  • Loving Tyler (Coming Out, #3)
  • Winona Wilder
  • English
  • 17 April 2015

3 thoughts on “Loving Tyler (Coming Out, #3)

  1. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    Originally posted at Wilder outdid herself in the third book in the Coming Out Series She paired complete opposites and threw obstacles a plenty in their paths on their road to a happy ever after A very exciting read with a lot of ups and downsTyler James is a self proclaimed playboy Commitment is not a necessity he wants a good time; he can’t fathom why anyone would want to fall in love He was raised in foster care and as soon as he could he ran away from the abusive family In the past several years he’s made a name for himself in the rodeo circuit Tyler claims he loves his vagabond life style but it’s the demons from his past that keep him on the move The ghost from his past always seem to find him and being on the move had set well with him until he meets Marcus Vinetti Marcus Vinetti is a man trapped in the closet where his sexuality is concerned He’s a smart confident business man but stuck in the rut of living his life for everyone else and not himself Marcus is a good guy just afraid of abandonment But once he meets Tyler he thinks he’s found the man he could give everything up for To say sparks fly doesn’t do it justice I loved how Tyler was very free with the way he talked and never hesitated to show affection to Marcus His openness help Marcus realize that a person can’t change who they are and that just because he’s gay doesn’t make him any less a human being These two men complement each other so well Where Marcus lacked Tyler had strengths and vice versa There were two major obstacles they had to overcome within this story and the resolution to the second one took me by surprise I knew something was bound to happen to help Tyler break away from the abusive family who raised him but the ending just shocked me to the core The sacrifice Marcus made definitely made him a hero I wholeheartedly recommend Loving Tyler It has a little bit of everything that makes it a page turner; drama fear and one erotic love scene after another Tyler and Marcus grew together with every page turned and proved where there’s love anything is possible

  2. Mae Hanley Mae Hanley says:

    Good story I didn't read the others in this series since this one appealed to me the most and they stand completely on their own I'm actually not sure if there is any cross over between themThe character angst is clearly felt especially with Marcus However the issue from Tyler's past seems almost farsical and shoved out at the last minute to create tension The resolution of this issue is not something I liked there are many other ways it could have been resolved and not affected the outcome of the story

  3. ~SexyBookWorm~ ~SexyBookWorm~ says:

    This book is about a love that everyone dreams of Its dirty and rough and complicated and wonderful The MCs couldnt be opposite but they truly needed eachother Needed eachother like the air they breathed It was so beautiful But dont expect the cookie cutter all rainbows and buterflies kind of love

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Loving Tyler (Coming Out, #3)[KINDLE] ❁ Loving Tyler (Coming Out, #3) Author Winona Wilder – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Tyler James is a pro at keeping his emotions bottled up He uses sex as a tool never associating it with love When Cavendish sends one of their representatives to try and recruit him to be their poster Tyler James is a pro at keeping his emotions bottled up He uses sex as a tool never associating it with love When Cavendish sends one of their representatives to try and recruit him to be their poster boy he's ready to tell them where they can shove their offer But the dark haired god in the Armani suit has him choking on his wordsMarcus Vinetti fights tooth and nail not to be sent to the boondocks to recruit some hick He's surprised when he meets his cowboy target who has muscle upon muscle and gorgeous green eyes Although he's usually good at masking his deviant desires Tyler brings all his needs and wants to the surfaceWill Tyler be able to change his long standing playboy ways and will Marcus finally accept that he's in love with another man.

About the Author: Winona Wilder

Winona Wilder enjoys delving into the human mind and exploring emotion She savors the challenge of mixing smoking hot sex with lovable complex characters When not spending time with her husband and children in the Great Canadian North shes typing away at her next mm romance She also writes bestselling erotic romance as Stacey Espino.