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Sex Lies and Midnight Undercover Operatives #2 [Epub] ➟ Sex Lies and Midnight Undercover Operatives #2 Author Tawny Weber – Born into a con artist family Maya Nicholas abandoned the grifting life to live on the straight and narrow and somewhat dull years ago But when her family is threatened—and the swindlers are on the and Midnight MOBI ï Born into a con artist family Maya Nicholas abandoned the grifting life to live on the straight and narrow and somewhat dull years Sex Lies PDF or ago But when her family is threatened—and the swindlers are on the verge of becoming the swindled— Maya Lies and Midnight Undercover Operatives Kindle - swings into action All she needs Lies and Midnight Epub ß is a stand in boyfriend and the charming tasty as sin Simon Barton will do uite nicely thanksBut Simon has a little lie of Lies and Midnight Undercover Operatives Kindle - his own He's FBI and Maya is his inside track to her less savory relations It's a mutual using which uickly turns into a scorching mutual attractionIn fact their naughty little sexcapades are the only things they aren't faking.

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  1. Helen Helen says:

    I loved this story and of course learning about aphrodisiacs the deserts yummo and of course Caleb is one great desert that Pandora is over the moon withGreat Story Tawny

  2. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    Originally posted at ’ve been hoodwinked in the most delightful manner Ms Weber turned a new page in her ability to grab a reader’s attention by doing the unexpected I’m used to seeing a certain techniue to engage my interest and she didn’t use it I’m not sure if it’s because this is the second book in the series and having such a terrific start in the first book Sex Lies and Mistletoe she decided to see where her heroine led her in Sex Lies and Midnight Turns out it’s an emotional path paved with the hopes of a young girl led down the road of an awakening that crushed her perceptions of what life really was in her family and the determination of a fully grown woman to be the very antithesis of how she grew up Thing is there’s someone out there that refuses to believe that Maya Nicholas is anything but the nice law abiding and vanilla bland woman she presents And they’d be right Maya is a powerhouse of contradictions She has bottled and corked her passion and energetic nature to fit in to be normal and to have the perfect life and she’s bored out of her mind She’s learned to control every aspect that she can and despite her best intentions Simon Mr delicious FBI man unravels her bit by bit Throw in a phone call from her brother and the boulder really picks up speed down that slippery slope and it sends Maya straight back to where she ran from with a hunky complication in tow I realize that this story is all about Maya and her reconnecting to her family but Simon was the best one to watch Ms Webber presented a man who is focused single mindedly on one goal to take down Maya’s father the infamous Tobias Black He’ll do anything say anything to get what he wants and no dire and mysterious warnings from Hunter another cloak and dagger alpha hottie will stop him It’s that whole journey of Simon’s that intrigued me Maya was the catalyst who taught him that there really were important things in life like love happiness and the pursuit of well tossed sheetsMs Weber’s classic sense of humor is alive and well Plenty of times I giggled but this time it had a warmness to it and a deeper romantic feel I’m not sure if it’s because the focus of the story was about a woman’s bruised love for her father or what but it was very satisfying on a different level than the first book What has not changed is the potent writing that the author has when it comes to physical bonding and expressions of love My expectations there were solidly met I enjoyed the teasing build up and how Simon and Maya felt by what they saw in each others’ eyes Pure romance That means that the story is told in each their point of views which I really enjoyed seeing as things get really complicated when the external conflict hits the fan It was nice to know where each stood even if they didn’t know it about the other Even though this is the second book in a mini series it stands by itself The author used some of the secondary characters to fill a reader in on the background but this story is definitely about Maya and Simon and is thoroughly enjoyable If anything it might make a first time reader want to read about Maya’s brother Caleb I loved the dialogue and was entertained by the light drama Sex Lies and Midnight is sheer fun with a delightful mix of love humor and drama Maya and Simon made a great couple and I like how they were written There’s one lamb to bring back into the Black fold and I am eagerly looking forward to figure out if he’s as bad as everyone is making him out to be Ms Webber has created a fascinating dysfunctional family and I love how she’s orchestrating their reunions with that mysterious criminal story arc Sex Lies and Midnight is pure entertainment that ends with a smile

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    I liked this book though I was not swept away The storyline itself is common enough with a undercover agent hooks up with a a woman either suspect or connected to said suspect falls in love sht hits the fan man is faulted for lyingusing the woman in the end HEA I found it hard to connect to the characters although the two main characters obviously had chemistry I did not see where they actually fell in love Their time was spent mostly either lying in public apart or having sex with not much to say of anything in betweenno long talks no long walks no intense bonding conversations aside from some basic a Overall it was nice for a uick easy read

  4. Talina Perkins Talina Perkins says:

    45 star Top Pick from Talina Perkins for Night Owl ReviewsFirst LineTHERE WAS NOTHING like a short glittery skirt long legs encased in smoky stockings and spiked domeheels to make a man sit up and take noticeTeaserThis was Simon's shot If he could bust Tobias Black his career would skip the fast track and hit rocket speed All he had to do was make a solid contact with the old guy's daughter She was his entrée A couple conversations with her and he'd be able to claim her a friend when he visited Black OakAs if proving she was ready to be his new best friend Maya chose that moment to stroll in her arm tucked into the elbow of her guy friend Despite the party in progress Simon could clearly see the tension in the set of her shoulders and the way she kept her body from curving into pretty boy'sPlotSex Lies and Midnight is the second installment to Tawny Weber's Undercover Operatives series Though this book can be read out of order for full enjoyment I would recommend reading the first of the series Sex Lies and Mistletoe Starting out in San Francisco we meet the heroine Maya DeLongue aka Maya Black She's is the exciting woman all other women fantasize about being while folding the laundry She's smart sassy and sexy with a dash of bad girl vibe that gives her an edge Then there is the little thing about her being a computer hacker and the daughter of the con artist Tobias Black Then we meet the hero Simon Barton the undercover operative that only wants to move his career up the ladder by busting Maya's father for the illegal activity he's using his bike shop to cover There's one problem though Simon can't keep his mind off or hands for the matter of the suspect's daughter With a little manipulation and the taking advantage of a situation Simon maneuvers himself into Maya's life and into Black Oak for a little family reunion And that is when the story takes off in a dip and soaring ride of emotions sizzling sexy scenes and betrayaland eventually a life changing moment for both characters Ms Weber has created a story that takes a daddy's girl away from the family she loves given her talents most would find straddling the grey area of life and has now given her a need to return to the home she's intentionally stayed away from for close to a decade With a mystery to solve and her heart to protect Maya is determined to find out who is behind the drug and gun running in order to clear her father's name in the process That is until she discovers that Simon isn't who he says he is Under all the betrayal hurt and underhandedness that surrounds the Black family there is one thing that stood out to me and that is the strength of a father's love for his children And than that it's the strength of the family bond While each may take separate ways and have their own views when one is in trouble everyone swoops in to protect Well a little manipulation and convincing from Tobias Black is needed but that just makes it interesting I loved how the author brought the story to a close and though I knew a happily ever after was a given I still enjoyed the ride along the way Ms Weber has written a fabulous second installment into her undercover Operatives and has left the door wide open for the next book and the continuing mystery of who's framing Tobias Black And in closing Ms Weber has created an intricate connection between the characters that will leave you in awe of her creativityWritingTawny Weber continues to captivate my attention with her rich stories and intriguing characters She adds wit and charm to each page making my reading experience unforgettable every time I pick up one of her books With her tight prose and dedication to detail Ms Weber has made my must read listSummarySexy and witty Sex Lies and Midnight made me laugh cringe and sigh with satisfaction This series is delightfully addictive and I am ready for the next installment already

  5. Kati Kati says:

    original review posted at Romancing RakesOh that Tawny Weber is uite the writer Another super sexy readPoor Maya Black she sure gets her life turned upside down First with her brother Caleb calling to let her know he's back in their hometown of Black Oak as interim Sheriff AND he's getting married to the woo woo ueen's daughter Then she gets a call from an ex best friend alluding to her father getting engaged to a woman his daughter's age On top of all that a sexy undercover FBI agent enters her life using her to get to her familyNot wanting to look like a total loser Maya needs a super sexy man to bring back to her hometown to prove to ueen bitch Lilah Gomez that she's got someone Maya sets her eyes on a delicious tall drink of hello handsomeSimon knows that somethings brewing in Black Oak It's the epicenter of illegal activity and the only way he can get close enough to uncover it is to make nice with Maya Busting Tobias Black would help his career in so many ways He'd make his way up the ladder in no time Little does he know that he's in for the ride of his life Poor guyComing to a mutual decision Simon would run interference with her family and pretend to be her boyfriend and Maya would find him investors for his new venture they head off to Black Oak After Lilah taunts her with texts alluding to the fact that Lilah may become her stepmother she takes it upon herself to bring her father back to his senses How is it possible that her father ex con artist current motorcycle garage owner has succumb to the gaudy charms of a lying two timing ex high school best friend?Someone in Simon's life comes to check up on him as his relationship with Maya becomes all too real He's physically attracted to her and he's trying to keep it that way but the time he spends with her his emotions come in to play This was not supposed to happen He was supposed to find pretend to be Maya's boyfriend while fending off town hussy Lilah spy on Tobias make the bust and climb up one rung on that FBI ladderMaya came home to celebrate her brother's engagement and check up on her father but this southern fried sex muffin going by the name of Simon is a distraction Heavy lidded stares electrically charged caresses and sweaty twisted up sheets are not what she was looking for when she made the deal with SimonWith the appearance of a fellow FBI agent Simon must choose between his feelings for Maya and whether or not a promotion trumps them Simon must join forces with the Black family in uncovering who is behind the smuggling of illegal weapons through their father's garageFAVORITE UOTEBreathing deep mentally breaking down an AK 47 to try and distract his body from embarrassing him Simon leaned back into the couch cushionOVERALL That Black family is uite a hoot I enjoyed this book uite a bit I did have to wonder at the sudden attraction between Simon and Maya Starting with the night that they make a deal to the sudden I want to touch you in the car to the breath taking super heated kisses this couple has got it bad for each other The slight touch of danger and mystery surrounding who has been smuggling guns into the town of Black Oak has be eagerly awaiting the final book in the series This book is sexy Super sexy Seriously who can resist a man undercover? waggles eyebrowsreview copy provided by author

  6. Meghan Meghan says:

    This book was good at what it's supposed to be good at The Smut lol those parts of the book which were most of the book were really great The Author really knows the words to use and when to give the perfect amount of description to make ya feel pretty hot yourself lol As for the other elements of the story they were a little confusing and hard to follow The main character comes from a family immersed in crime and power and this plays into the plot of the story The story behind all the lusty goodness I'm still a little lost on but that's ok I didn't read it cause I wanted to read about cops and crime and drug rings and illegal trading lol I'm pretty sure we only read these books for one reason and Tawny did a very good job in that area ; When the bigger love scenes were being played out it was impossible to just stop and finish it later You had to read it throughso ya it was really good in the ways it was supposed to be But as for the background story line with her father and brother and the FBI It remains unresolved and I don't uite follow but like I said who cares lol no one reads Harleuin books for those details lol

  7. Lara Lara says:

    This was a uick moving sexy romance with engaging characters that have to overcome their secrets before they can allow themselves to fall in love It was a uick read and my first read in the series and by this author While I felt that some things were a bit pat they were entertaining Also the book is the middle of a larger story Fortunately there were few spoilers so the meat of the relationship in the first book will be fresh for me Now I want to go back and read about how Maya's brother Caleb found his love And I look forward to both meeting the third sibling seeing what happens with him and how the larger mystery is solved

  8. Suze Suze says:

    A 35 Second book of three and I liked this one better than book one not sure why just did Possibly I believed the characters even though all premises are unlikely and they had fun sex loved the chocolate cake The background whodunnit frame up of Tobias continues giving him his excuse to manipulate his children into returning home I have a few ideas on the dastardly villain so will see if I'm right in book three I like the author so a good solid as expected read

  9. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I liked the book alot I wish it were longer it felt a little rushed but I can't wait for the last Black sibling to find his way back to Black Oak Although I have my suspisions as to who it is causing all the trouble for Tobias I have to wait for the next book to see if I am right but I amm hoping for a twist that will prove me wrongI love it when I get blindsided by an ending

  10. Andrea Andrea says:

    I was expecting this to be better than it was Maybe it's just been too long since I've read Harleuins I liked the characters but the writing got really over the top at times and I found myself grimacing at some of the phrasing I'm usually a big fan of the fake relationship trope too

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