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Darkness My Old Friend ❰EPUB❯ ✹ Darkness My Old Friend Author Lisa Unger – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger returns to The Hollows in this gripping psychological thriller Publishers Weekly that uses the fears found in everyday life to keep readers up all night Th New York Times bestselling author Lisa Unger returns to The Hollows in this gripping psychological Darkness My PDF \ thriller Publishers Weekly that uses the fears found in everyday life to keep readers up all night This is one book that will have you racing to the last page only to have you wishing the ride wasn’t over” Michael Connelly .

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  1. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this second book in 'The Hollows' series retired cop Jones Cooper looks into the cold case of a missing woman The book can be read as a standaloneThe Hollows has a lot of troubled people Jones Cooper a retired police officer is in therapy bored and looking for an outlet for his energy Michael Holt a disturbed young man whose father recently died and whose gorgeous mother Marla disappeared long ago asks a private eye to re open his mother's case The private investigator asks Cooper the original investigator to help look into Marla's disappearance and Eloise Montgomery a local psychic who sees ghosts is also drawn into the hunt Fifteen year old Willow Graves is a chronic liar and runaway whose mother recently moved the two of them from NYC to The Hollows Willow hates it there makes some dubious friends and continues to behave badly Then there are Kevin and Paula Carr Kevin is a sociopath who controls and frightens his wife She needs to get away from him but how? Though the central mystery of the story is 'what happened to Marla?' the other residents' dramas make up a good part of the book and provide some mild suspense I thought the characters were well developed and the Marla story was moderately interesting Most readers will probably guess Marla's whereabouts and who was involved with her disappearance For me the book was just okayYou can follow my reviews at

  2. Emma Emma says:

    I never seem to see anything mentioned on here about Lisa Unger in which case she is very underrated I haven't read any of her stand alones but really like all her books set in the Hollows If you want to dive in start with the 3 short stories which set the scene Lisa Unger is very good at the psychologies of normal and not so normal people in a small town I find her insightful I really enjoy Jones Cooper and ELouise Montgomery You don't need to believe in psychics and or mediums to enjoy these books many of the characters are cynical too even Elouise herself cannot always make sense of her gift or curse as she refers to it Recommended series Recommended author

  3. Heather Heather says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying making my way through Lisa Unger’s books This one is a part of the always entertaining Hallows Series I found it to be full of complex characters creepy scenery small town realities and the supernatural Overall this was an enjoyable book that I highly recommend

  4. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    If you like to sniff other people's emotional and psychological armpits this book will probably work for you Me? I'm letting it go after 170 pages Lisa's good at pit sniffing if that's what you're into I was expecting a mysterythriller like her other books So imagine a small town in the Northeast where NONE of the citizens are average and mostly boring like you and me Absolutely everyone is screwed up hiding secrets trying to reconcile traumas from many years ago that they've all suddenly decided they need to come to terms with RIGHT NOW ANDThey all just keep bumping up against each other Surprise All their weirdness is somehow intertwined even though some of them aren't even originally from this little town Oh and they're almost all in therapy so we get to sniff their psychological socks tooOne guy is a sociopath and he's about to do something awful to his family His wife is a fool who knows he's planning something and she should get out right away but gee I'm just not uite ready yet so I'll stick around and wait for the hammer to fallOne lady had a horrible accident many years ago that put her in a coma and when she woke up WHEEEEE she had developed magical psychic powersOne guy's mother disappeared many years ago while he was still a boy and now all of a sudden he's decided he's going to find out what happened to her just when all this other weird stuff is going on in town And on and on it goes with all the characters I couldn't see any cohesive story developing Unger just skips back and forth between all these characters I couldn't stay interested for than a few pages at a time so I decided to let it go rather than force myself to read it and then bitch about it It may eventually go somewhere good but after just recently slogging through The Upright Piano Player four or five pages at a time I couldn't do another one like that If you decide to read it all the way to the end and you really like it that's groovy I certainly wouldn't discourage anyone from giving it a try

  5. Fiona Fiona says:

    Book Two in the Hollows series follows on almost directly from Book One linked via Jones Cooper and his uest to find some meaning after the events of One left him adrift Otherwise we're on to a new network of people to follow this time and this series does seem to use networks rather than primary characters maybe unless you count The Hollows themselvesThis time it's troubled teen Willow who would probably take center stage; and Michael Holt the man she comes across digging in the woods His mother's been missing since he was a teen himself and now that he's back he's wanting to find her Across town a woman ponders the case of her husband's missing ex; and local psychic Eloise Montgomery might just connect them allOn the whole this is definitely an enjoyable read The mystery is solid and twisty without managing to tie itself or the reader into a confusing knot Characters seem realistic and the flow of the book itself held my attention very nicely I haven't had this easy of a time finishing a book for weeks But do beware the occasional segues into the hollowness of social media and people preferring their phones to real life; it could be that Lisa Unger was trying to write from the viewpoint of an older man who wouldn't take to that sort of thing but it came across as pretty heartfelt and gets repeated enough that it's noticeable It's only a ten year old book but in that area it did show its age somewhat It wasn't enough to put me off though and personally the rest mostly made up for it YMMV but on with the series

  6. Lisa Lisa says:

    The Hollows is a town where a lot of troubled people live married singles policeman etc who have troubled pasts they cannot leave behindAfter giving up his post at the Hollows Police Dept Jones Cooper is having trouble facing a horrible event in his past Theon on a brisk day in October he has a visitor Psychic Eloise Montgomery comes to him with predictions about his future some direMichael Holt a young man who grew up in the Hollows has come back determined to find out the truth about his mother Marla who went missing years earlier in comes local PI Ray Muldune Eloise to help him solve the puzzle what does he find might be his worst nightmare?Fifteen year old Willowraves is exiled to the Hollows from Manhattan after her mothers bitter divorce Willow is acts out spending time with kids who bring out the worst in her when things getr hard she has a tendency to run will she ever be a normal girl again or will the Hollows swallow her upI enjoyed this book the follow on from Fragile the setting was good but the characters have issues that they can not cope with 3 12 stars

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    I loved the author’s book Fragile so was very excited to read another literary thriller from her Unfortunately this book didn’t immediately engage me as the other had It almost felt like it was written by someone else As with Fragile this book changes viewpoints but it just didn’t work for me this time Maybe there were too many people or I had difficulty connecting with any one of them I had the book with me at the hairdresser and she asked “what’s it about?” and even though I’d been reading it less than 12 hours before I honestly didn't know how to answer her uestion Now this week has been crazy for me so maybe it’s my state of mind than the book itself But while I wholeheartedly endorse Fragile I can’t get behind this one I’ll definitely check out her earlier books however

  8. Laura Bradford Laura Bradford says:

    Really enjoyed this book

  9. Fran Fran says:

    Darkness My Old FriendAuthor Lisa UngerReviewed by Fran LewisDarkness comes to many people in different ways Some fear death and hope it will never come or overtake them uickly Others dread going in a car swimming in the ocean or just living life in general fearing that someone ominous or evil lurks and they are just waiting for it to come Others like Jonas Cooper live life one second at a time hoping that nothing will take away what he already has yet leaving his position as a police officer in the Hollows he becomes a general handyman house watcher and mail collector for neighbors until one morning something changes things A psychic by the name of Eloise Montgomery enters his home and leaves him with a cold chill running down his spine as she relates events of his imminent demise hoping to warn him before things get worse or even happen While another man deals with his family his wife’s needs and frustrations hoping to find solace and darkness in a different way Smiling as he holds the one thing that makes him calm and serene black handgunWillow is a liar has a big mouth and is definitely unhappy that she has moved to the Hollows with her divorced mom a famous novelist Unhappy in school trying to befriend on teacher making him uncomfortable in her presence she tends to overreact lie and run from the present in order to deal with the past and her future But Willow cannot stand confrontations and she is one that likes to avoid situations that make her unhappy or uncomfortable so instead of going to her art class she leaves school finds her way into the woods in the Hollows and sees something that frightens her causes her to run for her life tear her best shirt cut her arm and race home without her cell phone hoping that her mother will hot uestion her But when she arrives Bethany is concerned not uite sure what to believe knowing her daughter lies and does it uite well A phone call would change that and when Willow finally relates what she saw and how she lost her phone she tries to convince her mother to ignore the call not tell the stranger where they are and definitely not pick up her phone But that was not what happensMoving ahead author Lisa Unger brings back Jonas as he meets with his doctor who encourages him to look deep and hard into himself to decide where his life is or will be going Reenter Eloise and her partner Ray who knows about her meeting with Jones Where will this go and how will this turn out remains to be seen as so much has been revealed as she character exhibits hisher own fears darkness and nightmares Jones Cooper needs a direction and working as a consultant for the Hollows PD might just what he needs to put his life back on track But after meeting with Eloise and hearing her predictions things really begin to change as than one case falls into his lap and things start to happen that just might connect of the players Asked to find out what happened to Marla Holt who disappeared in 1987 brings him in closer contact with Eloise and a nosy neighbor that is holding back information Added to that he is asked to find another missing woman who seems to have disappeared and left her son with her ex husband whose wife wants her found Cole Carr has been staying with his father Kevin who seems to have a shady past gone over the edge in many ways and whose wife Paula intends on leaving him as soon as Cole’ s mother is found But there is much as Cole befriends Willow and they are found at a graveyard that is said to be haunted one where Michael Holt Marla’s son was seen digging something up namely a body that he hoped to find buried there years ago Below the ground many find darkness and enjoy the solitude and silence as the darkness and envelope them and create calmness many can’t find in the light But Michael needs the dark underground world and lives his life as a caver finding out what is under the ground but still able to smell the flowers and enjoy the scenery as he feels displaced or disjointed until the darkness comes Willow is a liar and gets caught in every lie Few if any believe what she says but her lies keep her on solid ground with her friends until she gets caught A stepfather that stopped being there for her when he divorced her mother kids in school that a difficult for her to deal with a Principal that really cares and one mixed up teen with friend named Jolie who is no better than her As Cole and Willow connect things begin to change between her and Jolie As they are caught in the woods and she tells her mother the principal and Jones the truth about why they are there and what she saw will they believe her? Lying is her way out of things so the truth might not set her free Paula Carr is caught in a web of her own lies and deceit yet who could blame her A husband who controls her finances what she buys wears and her bank account not allowing her the freedom to stand on her own even having an affair not caring about her or allowing her to make decisions on her own thinks it okay to want money left to her to bail him out of his financial problems Her goal is to take her kids and leave fearing for her life as he comes at her with gun when she stands up to him Eloise has her own past and her own demons to conuer as the author recounts to the reader how she first learned of her visions what happened to her husband and daughter and when she realized she had this curse or this gift The first time seeing a little girl named Katie in a well and hoping to help save her But there is much Just how will all the pieces connect remains to be seen As you get to know each of the characters you realize that each one has their own secrets to hide lies that have yet to be revealed and many hide behind their own versions of what they want to believe is their reality in life instead of what is true Willow a fifteen year old teen just wants everyone like and accepts her even if the person that she allows others to see and perceive is really not who she is Jones just wants to be left alone not deal with therapy and find the answers to what happened to several people missing from the Hollows and not be bogged down with the rest Lies are coming easier to him too in order to deal with the realities of his own life Michael Holt just wants to find out what happened to his mother and Paula Carr her husband’s first wife Could this all be connected? Why are so many people disappearing in the Hollows and what is really buried in that mine? Author Lisa Unger created a plot with so many characters each so vividly described each different yet the same with that one commonality Fear of being in the light The darkness seems to create a calm in each one and the lies that surround them make living in the present easier They almost believe what they are saying and they seem to thrive on adding to their own made up stories Just how this plays out you won’t believe When Jones begins to investigate the disappearance of Paula Carr and finds out the truth about Cole’s mother things start to fall into place and one woman’s life is in danger as another is almost destroyed Can he stop Kevin before it’s too late and what else will he uncover? Learning about Marla Holt and going back into the woods a startling discovery is found the truth about her death revealed and one young man’s life in tatters As Eloise predicted he winds up at the river and what happens is not exactly the way she envisioned it? Willow and Cole are in danger what happens will shock the reader and endear you not only to Jones but the two teens too Will Willow ever find the light and realize that she is who she is and that is just fine? Will she ever stop lashing out at everything and everyone and trying to hurt the ones who care about her the most? What will happen when Cole learns the truth about his father will he run too? Will Jones decide that being a PI is right for him and start another career and move toward the light and away from the dark? Darkness My Old Friend brings to light characters who seem hopeless lost unloved and in need of direction With the help of Dr Dahl Jones hopes to find his and with the support of his wife Maggie he just might Willow feels abandoned lost and when her stepfather leaves and she moves to the Hollows her answer is to rebel Cole angry with his mom and doing the things typical teens do when they do not get their way falls prey to what wiles of others and winds up with his Dad What happens to enlighten Cole Willow and Jones you will have to read for yourself What happens that changes the way they think about their lives the dark and life you will learn when you read this outstanding novel by Lisa Unger Darkness My Old Friend Some hide behind the stillness of the night and others flourish in the daylight Fran Lewis Reviewer

  10. Wendy Wendy says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed returning to The Hollows Great characters with many secretsAn intriguing read

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