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    Oh, I do love this stuff It s totally worth it even if all you read is his essay on spiritualism The rest of it is awesome, but may not appeal to everyone however, seeing his passion and fervor for exposing exploitation god that sounds really pretentious but I am blanking on a better way to say it is absolutely phenomenal.

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    I ve been interested in both magic and Houdini for a long time After reading a biography of him last year I wanted to read his own writings This is the only one I ve tracked down so far It was totally worth reading First of all, warning, it DOES reveal how some of his tricks and how lots of other magic tricks are done Much of the book is very technical, in reference to handcuff escapes, rope escapes, and small impromptu slight of hand magic This is actually a really great book for someone interesting in practicing magic themselves, as you can learn a number of tricks from it.So there is a lot here that might have been very dry, but I enjoyed it and read through it pretty quickly I think you need to have a pretty significant interest in the subject, but if you do I highly recommend the book.

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    Omg I finally finished this book today I wasn t sure it would ever happen I ve only been reading this book for over a year It was very interesting and I wish I could have just finished it in a regular amount of time instead of dragging it out so long p

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    Great great with interesting ideas and some the the strongest mental magic effects I ve read The bios of other magicians was the highlight for me.

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    If you love magic or even just history grab this book that is Houdini s account of his magic rare photographs, posters, and pamphlets, enhance this magical story of a man s life.

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    Clearly opened my eyes to fraud and deception However, didn t really teach me any tricks that I could grasp at a young er age.

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    great easy read

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Houdini on Magic Harry Houdini S Fame Is Secure As The Greatest Magician Of Modern Times Many Of His Fabulous Escapes, Indeed, Now Sound Like Legend Than History, Yet They Really Happened He Permitted Himself To Be Thrown, Manacled, Into The Hudson River To Be Nailed Into Packing Cases And Lowered Into The Ocean To Be Suspended By The Ankles, Strait Jacketed, Hundreds Of Feet Above The Ground And In Every Case Escaped EasilyThis Book Is Houdini S Own Account Of These Exploits, Supplemented With Rare Photographs And Posters, First Hand Material From Periodicals And Pamphlets, And Behind The Scenes Revelations Of Some Of The Master S Most Prized Secrets How He Picked Locks, How He Sawed A Girl In Half To Become Twins, How He Walked Through A Brick Wall, How A Girl Can Vanish From A Sheet Of Plate Glass Without Trapdoors, Hoists, Mirrors, Or Other Such ApparatusThere Are Also Instructions For Performing Stage Tricks, Including The Coin And Glass, The Indian Needle Trick, And Other Standards These Are Illustrated With Diagram Sequences That Cover Every Step In Performance Finally, Of Special Interest To Many Readers Are Houdini S Accounts Of Great Magicians Of History And Of Houdini S Own Battles With Spiritualists And Fraudulent Mediums